Thanks for visiting my blog, I started making notes about my triathlon journey purely to keep a record of what I was up to and how I felt my training was going but after writing a short review of Debutmy first triathlon decided to stick everything online as writing the review reminded me how reliant I’d been on blogs when I started, so even if no one ever reads this at least I’ve made the effort to put something back.

Anyway, I’m Ruary from a small town (Alnwick) in the far far North of England (Northumberland) it truly is a beautiful area to live in and although I’ve travelled a lot I really don’t ever see myself living anywhere else.

I got into triathlon when I saw an advert for The Newcastle Triathlon and couldn’t resist the chance to enter a race which would be held right in the very centre of my nearest city, as it happens the event was moved venue at the last minute but by that point I’d already been bitten by the tri bug so although I was disappointed it hasn’t put me off!!

Trying to fit training around a busy life is tough going for anyone but for triathlon when you’ve got 3 sports to fit in time management is key, hopefully reading my Weeks In Brief reports you’ll get an idea of how I’m fitting everything in, keeping balance is the key and remember training doesn’t know it’s waiting for you but your family does so always put them first!

Anyway I hope you enjoy reading about my exploits and would love any feedback you’ve got on the site or what I’m up to.

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